"Mystery" Workers, Readers, and Walkers plus a FREEBIE!

I love using "Mysterys" to hold students accountable for their behavior. It has been a great management tool that I have used through the years. I use popsicle sticks with student names on them. When it is time to pick the "Mystery Walker" or "Mystery Worker,"

I will pick students from the popsicle sticks at random. I do not show students which sticks were picked out, they will find out later! After a given amount of time or walk to specials or lunch, I reveal who the "Mystery Walker" or "Mystery Worker" is. If that students has followed all procedures and routines, they will get a small reward. This is a fun way to get students excited about following procedures and routines.

I use "Mystery Walker" when our class is moving from the classroom to another place in the building such as recess, lunch, or specials. This has helped our line behaviors a great deal. Students love to find out who the "Mystery Walker" is when we get back from recess, lunch, or specials.

I use "Mystery Worker" mostly during independent activities such as reading centers or math centers. I will pick three sticks (students) and not show the class. After our reading block or math block I will reveal who the "Mystery Workers" are.

I hope this idea helps out your classroom! I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Happy Mystering!

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