Christmas Math and Literacy Centers! Plus a Yummy Freebie!

'Tis the season for holiday cheer! The holiday season is such a heart warming time of the year. I LOVE to see all the spirit and the charitable deeds people do for one another. Plus, who doesn't Christmas?

I love having parties in my classroom, especially if they involve cookies! To celebrate the holiday season, my students and I had a COOKIE PARTY! It was so much fun, and the students loved eating cookies WHILE they worked! 

We worked on our informative writing skills while writing a recipe for a Christmas cookie. Students got to choose which Christmas cookie they wanted to create. We wrote down our ingredients and sequenced the steps necessary to make the cookies. All while eating yummy cookies!! To check this FREEBIE out click on the link or any of the pictures! 

In spirit of the holiday season, I have created 5 engaging Christmas themed math centers for your classroom! I have bundled them all together in Christmas Math Centers. You can click on the link or any of the pictures to check out the product!

My students loved the fall addition bingo, so I decided to do a Christmas edition. It was a hit! My kids are OBSESSED! I love hearing them ask me if they can play bingo. They are so engaged and it is such a good feeling to hear them talking to one another about the different addition strategies we have been practicing in class. Click on the link or any of the pictures to check out the Christmas Math Centers pack in my store. 


Another game that has been great, is the Lost Elves Addition and Subtraction. Students solve an addition or subtraction card from the deck. If they solve it correctly, they can advance one space. I love this game because students use bother their addition and subtraction strategies with one another. Click on the link or any of the pictures to check it out in my store! 

To go along with the cookie theme, students love problem solving when it's with cookies!! These colorful cookies each have an addition or subtraction related word problem 

I had so much fun creating the Christmas math centers, I had to continue to make Christmas Literacy Centers. You can check out my Christmas Literacy Centers by clicking on any of the links or pictures below. 

This fun game helps students practice fluency with their sight words. Students are attracted to bright colors and candy theme. There are a total of 54 sight words included. Playing is simple: Students pick a card. When they read it, they roll the die to see how many spaces they moved. Check it out in my Christmas Literacy Centers pack or click on any of the pictures! 

I love Christmas lights, they are my favorite part of Christmas season. I love how bright and happy they make neighborhoods during the holiday season. I had to make a center that involved these colorful lights. Students practice sorting words into the correct part of speech. After, students choose two words from each category to write and draw a picture. Drawing a picture of the word helps reinforce student understanding of that word's part in a sentence. 

I am cupcake OBSESSED! So I created these Mixed Up Cakes for students to unscramble. Each cupcake design makes a complete sentence. Once students unscramble the sentences, there is an optional sheet for students to write their sentences on.

This Christmas tree sort is so great for differentiation. The words that need to be sorted have different blends to help students understand word families more in depth. There are seven different word families included. I differentiate which word families my students use. 

I hope you and your students enjoy these activities!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!



Apples are one of my favorite parts of fall! The last day before our fall break, my students and I had an "Apple Day." We had so much fun reading about apples while eating them! We used some great resources from this awesome Apple Life Cycle Unit by Education to the Core.

We started by doing a close read about apples.

We continued by making our own apples using paper plates and construction paper. We enjoyed eating some apples as a healthy snack. 

We started with a paper plate.

Next, we tore red construction paper into medium and small pieces. 
I put squeeze glue on students' plates, and the students covered the plate with the red paper.
Then, we cut a leaf shape out of green construction paper,
Last, I gave students a brown rectangle as a stem.
And, we had apples!!

After finished making our apples, we took a quick math break and worked on some super fun apple number bonds!

After some math, we started our pre-writing for our apple writing project. 

The kiddos loved having the apple themed day and thanks to Education to the Core for the great Apple Life Cycle Unit.

Have fun on your apple day! Let me know how it goes!

Happy Appling!


Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are an engaging way to introduce and review concepts. My classroom is always filled with anchor charts for every subject. They are so easy to take down and put up when they are needed. And, students LOVE helping you make them!! It is a great way to have students help with the classroom environment. 

Some anchor charts that will be used year round, I like to print out and laminate. Here are my FREE Parts of Speech Posters. You can grab them by clicking on the link or the picture. 

These Long Vowel Anchor Charts are great for students to reference. They have helped my students so much!. 

Here is another FREEBIE! These Scientific Method Posters are a great addition to your science block. This always helps students when we are discussing experimentation or other science topics. 

Here are a couple examples of some of the anchor charts I have made and used in my own classroom:

Reading Anchor Charts

As we read our weekly story, I like to switch out our anchor charts for fiction and non-fiction. We love to add to them as we learn more about each genre and concepts. 

I also have some awesome long vowel team anchor charts available in my store

For more great reading practice, be sure to check out my short vowel pack and my long vowel teams pack in my store.  

Writing Anchor Charts

Language Anchor Charts

My class LOVES helping me create our grammar anchor charts. I allow students to help me add examples to these charts. It also allows me to check my students' understanding. 

Math Anchor Charts

For more great math practice, be sure to check out my math journals for first grade, though the year in my store

I hope these are helpful in your classroom!!


Autumn Math and Literacy Centers

Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I grew up in Chicago, and always welcomed the cool weather, changing colors, and sweaters. I have lived in Phoenix for 8 years, and I'm still not accustomed to the lack autumn here in the desert. That is why I was so excited to make my fall unit! It brought back so many fall memories of when I was growing up in Chicago. 

Inside this bundle are a total of TEN centers for your classroom. There are five math centers and five literacy centers as detailed below. You can check out the bundle in my store here

This bundle is packed with everything autumn including: 
-small animals
-and kids

I love how quick and easy these these centers are. All you have to do is print, cut, and put them in a basket, and you are ready to go!

True or False Acorns - 
Students determine if each equation is true or false with these lifelike acorns. You can have students fix the false ones to make them true on a piece of paper. 

Base Ten Match Up - 
This is memory game where students match the numeral to the base ten representation. Such a fun way to practice place value concepts!

Line Up the Pumpkins - 
This center helps student place number in order either from greatest to least or least to greatest. There is a lot of room for differentiation in this center. You can choose 4 or 5 numbers for students, or they practice 10 or more! Numbers range from 0 to 100.

Addition Bingo
I love the personal Autumn themed bingo boards! These are perfect for a math center. There can between two and six players.

ABC Order

Fall into Order - 
This is such a fin way for students to practice their sequencing skills to help them comprehend better. Being able to retell the events in a story is crucial to understanding the story. Students just grab the sentences that have the same picture and they are ready to go!

Sight Word Memory - 
Each word pair has the same picture to scaffold student learning.

Fall into Story Time - 
This is one of my favorite centers because it allows for student creativity. This is a great narrative writing center. This can also be done whole group because there are 9 different story prompts. There is a story map and writing paper included in this center. 

Check out the whole pack here!

I am so excited to share this bundle with you! Remember that all products in my store are half off for the first forty eight hours!

Happy (early) Autumn!!

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