Apples are one of my favorite parts of fall! The last day before our fall break, my students and I had an "Apple Day." We had so much fun reading about apples while eating them! We used some great resources from this awesome Apple Life Cycle Unit by Education to the Core.

We started by doing a close read about apples.

We continued by making our own apples using paper plates and construction paper. We enjoyed eating some apples as a healthy snack. 

We started with a paper plate.

Next, we tore red construction paper into medium and small pieces. 
I put squeeze glue on students' plates, and the students covered the plate with the red paper.
Then, we cut a leaf shape out of green construction paper,
Last, I gave students a brown rectangle as a stem.
And, we had apples!!

After finished making our apples, we took a quick math break and worked on some super fun apple number bonds!

After some math, we started our pre-writing for our apple writing project. 

The kiddos loved having the apple themed day and thanks to Education to the Core for the great Apple Life Cycle Unit.

Have fun on your apple day! Let me know how it goes!

Happy Appling!

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