About Me

Originally from Chicago (at heart I am a midwest girl,) I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for seven years before starting my education career. I love everything the Sonoran desert has to offer and have enjoyed my four years of teaching primary grades here.

More than a teacher, originally being an anthropologist before mastering in elementary education, I am an explorer. After experiencing different cultures through out the world, I have discovered there is nothing more important to me than education. Now having taught primary grades for the past four years, my passion continues to grow. I love collaborating and sharing ideas with teachers around the globe. I hope you can take away an idea or two to bring to your students.

When I am not teaching I LOVE being outdoors and exploring. You can find me doing anything from camping, to hiking, to a small weekend road trip to keep my sanity. When I am not being an adventurer I love to relax at home with my dog and cat while cooking a great meal.

Please feel free to comment or email me with questions, ideas, or suggestions of things you would like to see here.

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