Sight Words and a Freebie!

Sight words are CRUCIAL for fluent readers! Every class who has those students who are great with word attack strategies and are well aware of grade appropriate phonics rules. But what happens to the words that don't follow American English phonics rules? These are the rule breakers. Sight words and high frequency words. There are always ways to try to teach these words, such as beginning sounds, ending sounds, trying a word and see if it makes sense... These are all great strategies, and are practiced in my own classroom. But, I have found that flash card practice for sight words, works best. 

I have created easy to make sight word flash cards. You can check them out by clicking here or any of the photos! 

Students start with the lowest list they are fluent with. After they graduate from that, they can move to the next list. I have created a useful resource for this purpose. I like to color code the lists. Students get so excited when they can move the next "color." It is also much easier for me to differentiate by looking at the colors. 

These easy to print, cut, and go flash cards are perfect for students to use. They can be used both in the classroom and at home! I like to have my students keep a copy at school to practice during class. I have students cut the sight word flash card and keep them in a plastic bag that they can put in their reading folder or reading box. 

These can also be sent home as homework. It is great for parents to see their child's progress as students graduate to the next color or list. Also, there is no excuse for not having sight word flash cards at home! 

Check out all the sight word flash card freebies in my store here


These are so helpful for me in my classroom. I hope they are as useful to you and your students as they are to mine!

Happy reading!

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