6 Ways to Use Sight Word Flash Cards

Sight words and high frequency practice is crucial to any child's reading at any elementary level. A great way to teach sight words is through flash cards. Sight word flash cards are great because they come in different levels, which is prefect for differentiation and growth. As children master one level of words, they can move onto the next. These quick and easy FREE sight word flashcards have worked great in my classroom!  Click here or on any of the pictures to scoop up your FREE sight word flash cards!

Here are some ideas of how you can use them in your classroom or at home. Let me know if you have any other ideas!

1. Informal assessment tool during small groups or one on one.
Students love practicing sight words and reaching the next level (or color) of sight words. During my small groups, I spend about 2-5 minutes quickly flashing the cards to quickly assess each student and their sight word recognition. It is a quick easy way for me to assess if they are ready for the next level or if they need to stay at their current level. There are two ways I have done this in small groups before.

1- I flash the sight word cards to an individual student while other students in the group are practicing, or
2- I go around and each student gets a sight word flash card they must read. The second way works better for a squirrel y group.

2. Partner; read to self or read together.
For students who need more practice with their sight words, this can be a great activity for read to a partner or read together. Pair students who are on similar levels. It may be a good idea to have one of the partners one level above the other partner, that way they can correct errors. The level below them is always a great review!

3. Memory sight word game.
My kiddos LOVE this one! They cannot wait to finish their work so they can play sight word memory. The only prep you need to do it copy TWO sets of each list and color code them. I like to laminate for extra durability. Have students play the traditional game of memory. This allows students to master their sight words by be able to read them quickly. If they are unable to read the word, they cannot get the match. Again, this game can be leveled to allow for differentiation in your classroom.

4. ABC order.
Another fun game for students to practice their sight words and build fluency! This activity can be done during centers either independently, with a partner, or with a small group. Putting words in alphabetical order helps reinforce letter recognition and practice for dictionary skills. Knowing the order of the alphabet is an important skill your students will use later in life.

5. Independent reading.
Some kiddos will need extra practice with their sight words. Instead of practicing decoding or working on fluency for independent reading time, sight word practice is a good option. It is nice to switch around the activities that students participate in during independent reading. One day can be practicing a certain phonics skill, another day is working on fluency and expression, and another day can be practicing sight words.

6. Send home for homework.
Parents are always asking what they can do to help their child read at home. SIGHT WORD PRACTICE! Along with reading each night to practice decoding skills and improve fluency, children NEED to learn to recognize high frequency and sight words. Having the leveled flash cards are a great way to differentiate for homework. Once students pass or move along to the next level, they receive the next step of sight words.

You can grab some free sight word flash cards here!

Happy Sight Wording!

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