Garden Journals!

I love to use spring as a time to teach everything plants including life cycles, needs, and gardening. Our class a small garden that we planted different vegetables in. The kiddos are so excited to see the growth of vegetables and eat them at the end of the year.
To keep track of our garden data we used these Garden Journals. You can find them by clicking here or on any of the pictures.

We begin by drawing a picture and writing notes about what the plants looked like during the first week, which most showed no growth. This was an important step for students to record.

On one of our plants, there was growth from the previous year which was exciting for students to see and taste!

Each week we will come back to see changes to our plants and record the data. Students are able to make predictions about plants and see how sunlight and rain is affecting their growth.

Find the Garden Journals Here!

Happy Gardening!

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