Silly Story Starters - Cupcakes

Who wants a dull writing block? Not you and especially not your students. As teachers we are constantly thinking new and creative ways to engage our young writers. Here is one new activity that I love to use with my students, just be sure to have some real cupcakes on hand, because you'll be hungry! You can fins this Silly Story Starters by clicking on any of the picture or by clicking here.

Students begin by picking different elements of a cupcake (story elements) that they want to build.

 They will begin with a cupcake liner which lists characters to be used in their creative story.

 Next, students choose the cake (chocolate or vanilla) to be given a problem they will write about.

Last, a frosting flavor is chosen to give the story setting place.

An optional topper is offered for differentiation which adds to the setting by giving the time in which the story takes place.

Now the fun begins! With the given setting, characters, and problem students begin to create their own story. Using character traits and setting, how will the characters solve the problem? Having an astronaut in space may be helpful, but how is a frog going to help you get gas in your car?

You can fins this Silly Story Starters by clicking on any of the picture or by clicking here.

With over 6,000 different options, this activity can be done time and time again. Included are story writing papers for students. Such a fun activity for students to share with one another and their families!

You can fins this Silly Story Starters by clicking on any of the picture or by clicking here.

Happy Silly Writing!

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