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Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you something really special! As you know, I really like am obsessed with problem solving and math journaling! One of the most important parts of our problem solving is sharing and using "Math Talk" to discuss problem solving strategies.

Some of you have may seen this anchor chart that I used in my classroom in previous years...

I have FINALLY gotten around to making some "real" posters to help students with their math talk.

These brightly colored anchor charts are great reminders for when students are presenting their work. They include:

I know ___ and ___.
I need to find out ___.
First, I ___ because ___.
Next, I ___, because ___.
Then, I ___ because ___.
Last, I ___ because ___.
I know the answer is ___ because ___.

Having these posted have helped my students explain their work more in depth. They have also helped when students are stuck on what to do next when they are problem solving.

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