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I absolutely love science and experimenting! Teaching the scientific method is always so much fun in the classroom. (I usually use an experiment as a "Fun Friday" activity because of its excitement, just don't tell your kids its education too :) ) I have created a science notebook that fit my needs as a teacher and fits the needs for my students. It goes perfectly through the scientific method. It's minimal and gets right down to the science; perfect for primary grades! Check it out in my store by clicking here or any of the pictures.

Here is a breakdown of the Science Notebook:

Page One

-Title Page

Page Two


Page Three

- Materials
-Safety Tips

Page Four

-More Safety Tips
- Vocabulary

Page Five and Six

- Procedure (there are eight steps listed, for shorter experiments use can use just one page)

Page Seven through Fifteen

- Observations (there are four different observation templates, choose which is appropriate for your experiment)

Page Sixteen

-More Questions

Here is how I print these for my classroom:

I love these notebooks because of the variation. You can vary the experiment type and how students record observations. You can also vary how many "notebooks" are printed in one book. For the beginning of the year it may be easier to do one to three "notebooks" and staple them together. Towards the middle of the year you can increase the amount you copy off.


I have also created some FREE Scientific Method Posters to go along with the journals. Check them out here

I hope you enjoy using these in your classroom!

Happy Experimenting!

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