Resources that Sprinkle Winter into your Classroom

Ah, winter time. Who doesn't love the wintery cheer that is abundant outside and the giving nature of people around this time of year? Even though I reside in Arizona, I grew up in the wintery city of Chicago and can't resist getting excited about winter time. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite winter resources for the classroom. Enjoy a Christmas Cookie Writing Freebie found in this post!

I love having an Elf on the Shelf show up and play tricks on our classroom each holiday season. The first day he always brings some holiday decor to make out classroom bright and cheery.

Integrating useful and purposeful addition and subtraction practice is simple with these Math Bingos. To find the link to any of these products please click on the pictures. Addition and Subtraction Bingo within 10 are great for those Kindergarten classrooms and some first grade classrooms. Perfect to differentiate your different math learners.

Need Math Bingo for your First Grade and Second Grade  classrooms? These sets include addition and subtraction up to 20.

Another great math center and game is Winter Warriors. It is a wintery spin on the classic card game "War." Included in Winter Warriors are three different sets of cards creating three different games for the price of one! Players deal out the entire deck to two players. Each player flips one card over. The player with the greater amount wins that round and collects both cards. The player to have the entire deck of cards in the winner! Find Winter Warriors by clicking on the pictures or by clicking here.

Each player plays their card...

And the winner takes the cards for that round!

Who doesn't LOVE a freebie! As promised, here is your Holiday Freebie! Students can choose their favorite Christmas or Holiday Cookie and write a recipe for it. I love having a "Cookie Party" while students write their recipes.

These next two resources are some of my favorites and students love them! These Christmas Literacy Centers include five engaging games that will get your kiddos excited about your literacy block.

Students get to unscramble mixed up sentences in this Christmas Literacy Center.  

Students sort parts of speech in this Christmas Literacy Center.

Students sort real words and silly words in this Christmas Literacy Center. 

Need Christmas Math Centers? Look no further! Included are FIVE unique Christmas themed math games for your students. Find them by clicking here or on any of the pictures.

These fact family Christmas trees are perfect for Addition and Subtraction practice.

Christmas Bingo with cute presents as the markers are another great addition.

Students wind their way around this Elf Math Game by practicing addition and subtraction.

I love having printables on hand for review of different topics covered. These always come handy when there is s substitute, a student needs extra practice, a student needs to be challenged, center work, or even morning work. This Winter Printables Packet is JAM PACKED with math and literacy practice, plus each page has a unique wintery theme. Grab your say clicking here or on any of the pictures.

Winter Writing Prompts is another resource JAM PACKED with writing for informative, opinion, and personal narratives prompts. Each prompt includes steps in the writing process such as brainstorming, rough draft, editing & revising, and finally a final draft. There are several formats for the final draft and rough draft to differentiate your learners.

Find all these winter resources and more by clicking here!

Happy Wintering!

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