Reading Resources that Rock!

Whether you use Daily 5, an independent reading workshop, or your own version of reading centers and rotations, you need quality reading products. Not just another okay printable. I have highlighted a few of my favorite reading resources that I use each year with my firsties.

Task cards are such a valuable tool to use in the classroom. They are simple, don't take a lot of prep, can be differentiated, and are fun for your kiddos! Below are Comprehension Task Cards great for grades Kindergarten through Third Grade.

Not only included are tons of Comprehension Task Cards, but also response sheets. These are great to use for differentiation, students countability, and a quick assessment. Blank response sheets are also included in this Comprehension Task Card resource.

These Comprehension Task Cards are so great because there are different categories of cards to fit all student needs. Categories include fiction and non-fiction text based questions for K-1 and another set for 2-3. Also included are general questions, analyzing statements, and predictions & visualizations. Mix and match for guided reading groups, independent reading, or partner work.

Each category of these Comprehension Task Cards are a different color for organization.

This Long Vowel Team Word Work is a student favorite. It is packed with different activities, including this word sort. My firsties love sorting picture and word cards to the correct vowel team.

Student can also sort words into long vowel sounds without paying attention to the vowel team. Great for struggling readers!

Individual long vowel sounds are sold independently, but you can find the money saving bundle by clicking here

Along with sorting cards are some word work printables. There are five different activities plus the sorting cards for each Long Vowel Team Packet

Coloring vowel teams by code is always a winner. My kiddos are begging me for more of these activities.

Students practice their knowledge of vowel teams by finding rhyming words.
Unscrambling words to match the picture allows students to use their vowel team knowledge.

Need anchor charts for your long vowel teams? Grab the FREE Long Vowel Anchor Charts here. You can find the colored version here.

Additionally, Short Vowel Word Work is great for Kinders and Firsties. These simple to use and engaging word work activities are a great addition to your short vowel word work.

Highlighting short vowel sounds by word families is a fun activity to use with highlighters or crayons.

Coloring by short vowel sound code allow student to use pictures to hear the short vowel sounds.

Cut and sort by short vowel sound is a fun interactive activity.

Who doesn't love a short vowel word search?

This is one of my favorite organizational tools. I have used a reading workshop model (you can read about how I do it here,) and to help me organize my reading conferences I use this amazing Reading Binder. It allows you to organize your guided reading groups, strategy groups, or conferences.

Plan for your strategy groups easily and access your plans quickly!

 Keep track of all your reading conferences with your students. Perfect for data collection!

 Make and keep track of plans for your guided reading groups too!

And last but not least, are your FREE Sight Word Flash Cards. These are so great to differentiate sight word practice for different students. I use different color paper for each set which motivates students to get to the next color. Read about fun activities we do in our classroom with sight words here.

Grab your freebie by clicking on the pictures or here!

I hope these resources are helpful to your reading instruction. I would love to hear from you!

Happy Reading!



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