First Grade Math Journal through the Year!

It's here! I am so excited that my year long math journal is finally finished, edited, and ready to go! This math journal is packed with problem solving and scaffolds for the year! The rigor increases as the math journal progress through the school year. Just print double sided, staple, and watch your mathematicians' skills sky rocket! Check it out here or by clicking on any of the pictures!!

Problem solving is a crucial skill for all students to have, even outside of mathematics. These journals will help your students learn to solve mathematical problems, solve the problems in different ways, and understand the deep meaning of the skills they are being taught. Plus, they are fun!

I always have my students share their math journals with the class. This allows for students to be able to see how others are working on the same problem. It is important to look at different ways to solve one problem. It also allows students to practice speaking to an audience and explain their work. 

I have created this freebie rubric to go along with the math journals! It is a super easy way to assess your students' progress. I like to staple a rubric onto a random problem throughout the week. It is so amazing to see the progress through the year! Click here or the picture to download for FREE!! 

Back to the math journals: 

There is a total of six units, which are also sold separately. 

First Grade Math Journal Unit 1: Addition and Subtraction to 10

First Grade Math Journal Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction to 20

First Grade Math Journal Unit 3: Measurement

First Grade Math Journal Unit 4:Place Value and Addition & Subtraction to 40

First Grade Math Journal Unit 5: Shapes and Fractions

First Grade Math Journal Unit 6: Comparison, Place Value, and Addition & Subtraction

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Happy teaching!!


  1. Do these align with Engage NY/Eureka Math? I love how you have set up your journals! They would be great to use with the application problems in Engage NY curriculum.

    1. Thank you for your questions! These math journals do align with Engage New York First Grade curriculum! I have used them with that curriculum for the past two years and my kiddos love them!

    2. These are amazing and I love how they are organized for students! Thank you!!!! :)

  2. Hi,these look good! Have you updated these as the curriculum has updated? Or do they just follow the units theme? It would be great if these were the problem solving questions out of each module lesson.
    Thank you, Stephanie

    1. Thank you for your question Stephanie. They are aligned with the theme for each module. They are not the exact same wording or problems, but similar. Last year, my district printed the most updated ENY for me (yay!) and the math journals aligned perfectly. I hope that helps!

  3. Hi there!

    I absolutely love your math journal packets! Can you explain how you use the tape diagram in the place value unit?



    1. A tape diagram is used as another way to look at "Part, Part, Whole." Students put the two parts in the individual compartments to make the whole. I hope that helps!

  4. Do these align with Everyday Math?


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